The Bindu Spirit Award


Bindu was an incredibly valued community member and role model for many.  He was known for his big heart and beyond generous character.  Bindu never failed to lend a hand or give back to the people he loved.  For several years, Bindu shared numerous laughs and smiles with VSSA and the rest of the community.  At the same time, he was a fearless athlete who enjoyed even the most daunting challenges; his love for the mountains was unparalleled.

Bindu was my social studies teacher for two years, he was a really special guy, a great man. He taught a lot, not necessarily from the text books, he just taught a lot in general … .
— River Radamus


The Bindu Spirit award is offered each Fall to a High-School VSSA student in Ski and Snowboard Club Vail (under the age of 19) who is currently pursuing both academic and athletic excellence.


Answer the following questions openly and honestly:

  1. Please explain why you need financial assistance?

  2. How will this financial assistance advance your goals in your sport during school and post graduation?

  3. How will this financial assistance not only assist you but also your community?

  4. Define what "Stoke" means to you?

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Complete the following:

  1. Please share why you are a good candidate for this scholarship through a 60 second edit or video of you doing something that shows your passion, love and stoke for your sport. Edits can also include you doing something that gives back to community, teammates or school.

*Video must be submitted via a google drive link in the essay section below

Please submit your application by November 1st, 2019

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