The Bindu Spirit Award


Bindu had a giant heart and whenever he could, he was lending a hand in some way and sharing all the opportunities that came his way with everyone around him.  He was also a fearless athlete who enjoyed even the most daunting challenge.  The bigger the challenge, the more he loved the experience.  Our goal with the Bindu Sky Spirit award is to be able to provide some level of financial support and recognition to a student snowboarder or skier who we feel shares Bindu’s spirit - his over the top stoke, his passion for the mountain, and most importantly, his big heart.

Bindu was my social studies teacher for two years, he was a really special guy, a great man. He taught a lot, not necessarily from the text books, he just taught a lot in general … .
— River Radamus


The Bindu Spirit award is offered each Fall to a high-school-age student that is currently pursuing both their academic and outdoor excellence. We are still determining the specifics of the award criteria and will be posting them soon.


Please check back soon for the 2019 application.

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